Much Ado about Blogging!

Posted in Beyond the Walls on January 3, 2011 by cbumatayo

“What use do I have for blogging?” This has always been my question whenever I attend workshops and seminars about blogging (mind you, I have attended four already). Time and time again, in every workshop, I am given the same use and benefits of blogging… those that really don’t apply to me. I just couldn’t find it in me to use my free time to write about experiences I’ve had: the idea is just foreign to me! This has been my disposition until I heard my speaker today say something very simple: blogging may be extra work, but if you love what you are doing (teaching), that shouldn’t be a problem.

These words from our speaker made great sense. All this time I always looked for how blogging can be used in my life, and in every search I came to zero results. This was until I accepted the fact that, whether I admit it or not (for now), teaching is my life, and if I look at blogging from this point of view, then I have  blogging becomes suddenly useful and relevant!


Third Attempt at WordPress

Posted in H2 on September 14, 2010 by cbumatayo

It is very amazing to see students working on their WordPress accounts, and not focusing on the difficulties of using the new medium.

I am proud of you, gentleman!

Second Attempt at WordPress

Posted in Inside the Classroom on July 28, 2010 by cbumatayo

It is saddening to realize that as a teacher I often advice my  students to do something that I myself don’t apply.

It was not a month ago when I told  two students who have just failed a long exam to not give up and to try to do better in the next test. At the time, I saw that they were so ready to give up, so I insisted on making them work harder. I also told them that giving up is for losers. Imagine the shame that I felt when I realized that I, like my students then, was so ready to give up right after encountering a difficult situation – setting up a wordpress account. Without question, wordpress is one of the least user-friendly  platforms I have encountered, but instead of keeping my cool, I decided to drop the platform all together. I quickly gave up; I did not try harder: I acted as a loser.

It’s a good thing though that my Department Head required everyone to attend another wordpress seminar. At my second attempt, I tried to follow my advice and to just keep trying. Now, I am not so afraid and am actually quite eager to learn more.


Posted in Beyond the Walls, Thinking Out Loud on June 3, 2010 by cbumatayo

I have never been one you can call “techie.” In fact, my only interactions with technology have always been limited to computer games and facebook surfing. So, imagine my surprise when I was asked to be part of the team tasked to  spear-head the technology-integration in the classroom. At the time, I really wanted to say no, but I quickly realized that this opportunity is not just given to anyone, that being given this much responsibility is a sign of the trust given to me, so I said yes.  Now, I am neck-deep with so much technology  that i feel myself  having a difficult time keeping-up during the team’s meetings and wanting to just surrender. However, every time I feel this, I remind myself of the trust that was given to me, a trust I don’t want to let down. That is why I decided to stay and do the best that I can with the situation. I only hope  and pray that I survive this though!